March 2020: What’s Going On With Regroove

Microsoft Teams and Zoom both help people stay connected while at home. However, did you know that Zoom stores your data in the US? Check out the Cloud Legislation in Canada for more details.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom

We blogged about…

Microsoft Teams
Kayla wrote a blog about quickly setting up Microsoft Teams for your organization.

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

What’s New in Office 365
Karin wrote a blog post about What’s New in Office 365 for March.

What’s New in Office 365

Working Remotely
Kayla wrote a blog about how to work effectively from home.

Working From Home

Teams Voice
Kyle recorded a video about Microsoft Teams Voice.

Teams Voice Explained

We spoke with…

Victoria Office 365 User Group: March 2020 Recap
Thank you to Ryan Steele with the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia for digging deep into some of the technical aspects of Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Teams Deep Dive with Ryan Steele

It’s not a case of Teams or SharePoint. It’s Teams and SharePoint.

Ryan Steele

When you start using Teams, you aren’t ditching SharePoint. There is a relationship between the two. Your files always live in SharePoint, so it doesn’t matter which application you choose to use to work with them.

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Stories from friends…

Here’s a couple of stories from our friends who are using Microsoft Teams successfully:

Contact Regroove – we can help you deploy Microsoft Teams right the first time.

We learned…

…that Teams Voice allows you to ditch your company phone plan?

You can make and recieve calls from any number using Wi-Fi or data through the Microsoft Teams app on ANY device!

…that everyone can now customize the Teams App bar?

What app would you add to your Teams App bar? (We added Navo to ours, of course!)