LayerSlider WP Text Not Showing Up?

I came across this issue when working with LayerSlider WP Version 5.5.1.

Firstly, the option “Enter Preview” you can click on when editing the slider doesn’t actually give you an accurate idea of what the slider will look like on your page. If you’re not super technical, troubleshooting can be a pain.

LayerSlider WP text not showing up?

Scenario 1:

In this situation, I inspected my slider and the text was shifted to the far right of my webpage.
The solution? I went into the slider settings and found that the slider width was set to 100% despite the site having a boxed page layout.
I changed the width setting to 940px (the width of the boxed page) and the issue was solved.

Scenario 2:

Another issue I’ve run into is that LayerSlider gives you the option for Text, or HTML/Video/Audio.
If you are using HTML, you must choose the latter (HTML/Video/Audio).
Markup will not work in the plain “text” field, and if you want to use that, you’ll have to use the Style tab to tweak the appearance.

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