June 2016 Newsletter

Last month was a busy month! We were hit with some great news from Microsoft – they opened two Canadian datacentres. Kelly attended Social Media Camp. Of course, we continue to highlight our great clients and the services we provide.

Creating and updating WordPress websites has been a good chunk of my role since I started here, and it’s something we’ll offer as people choose the platform when transitioning away from SharePoint public-facing sites (now deprecated). If you’re thinking about making the move, WordPress is awesome and very easily maintained by those who are tech-savvy but not necessarily code-literate.

There’s also the itGuardian contract, which we like to think of as a “club”. My take on it is if you know you like us, and you’ll be working with us anyhow, you may as well get a better rate and response time! We’re not afraid of a little commitment… are you? ๐Ÿ˜‰