SharePoint Online

For End Users

For End Users

Our SharePoint Online for End Users coaching session is designed to help your end users get familiar with navigating SharePoint, accessing and collaborating on files, and sharing documents externally from your environment. One of Regroove’s trusted cloud coaches will lead your small group through a remote session. By the end of the SharePoint Online for End Users session, attendees will have an understanding of:  

  • Different types of SharePoint sites  
  • Organizing files in document libraries  
  • Editing files online or in the desktop app  
  • Co-authoring files with others  
  • Sharing files internally and externally 
  • Searching for and find files  
  • Syncing files to be worked on offline  
  • Finding SharePoint resources for future learning  

This session is designed to answer questions about using SharePoint Online, get your group on the same page, and help facilitate the adoption and implementation of SharePoint using best practices.