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5 Email Tips to Reduce Your Inbox Clutter & Boost Productivity

Struggling to stay on top of your emails? You don’t have to feel like you’re treading water. Here are 5 email tips that will declutter your inbox and your mind, boost productivity, and decrease stress. 1. Aim for Inbox Zero by Using the 4 Ds of Email Management  The Inbox Zero approach was born over ten years ago. …

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The Basics of React & Redux [DIAGRAM]

Redux Redux is a “predictable state container for JavaScript apps”. With Redux, the state of your entire application is stored in a “store”, which is a single object tree. This allows the developers to persist the app’s state in development, and makes for easier debugging as changes to the state are easily seen, and there …

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How Yammer Benefits Our Team

Yammer is a great tool for our team and company because it has greatly improved our office communication. Using Yammer, we have not only made communication more efficient and timely, but also significantly reduced the number of emails we send and receive. Who doesn’t like that? Every morning, each team member posts a quick Scrum …

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3 Helpful Tips to Get the Most out of Office 365

Office 365 is Ever Changing, Ever Growing and Always Offering More Some days in the Office 365 portal, I see buttons or features that were not there the previous day.  One day, I swear I saw a new link appear right before my eyes.  Don’t miss out on what Office 365 has to offer. With …

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Global Navigation in SharePoint Online

This blog post examines the different options for creating Global Navigation in SharePoint Online. Global Navigation refers to navigation menus that span across multiple site collections. Managed Navigation The first method we’ll consider is navigation driven by Managed Metadata term sets. This has been a common practice in SharePoint for years, so if you’ve been …

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Interior Design: SharePoint Framework and Sass

The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a great tool for hooking into SharePoint in a modern, understandable way. Creating a custom webpart is simple, and styling it is done in an extremely modular fashion. This is because SPFx solutions are integrated into a page’s DOM, which is great for removing restrictions, but could cause problems with …

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The Little Widget That Could: Building Office Add-Ins

What are Microsoft Office Add-Ins? A little context before we get started. Office Add-Ins are lightweight web applications that are meant to extend or add to the functionality of office products. These apps are made with modern technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, or modern JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular. Microsoft has also been …

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Using a SharePoint Framework Extension with Classic SharePoint

We’re coming up on a year since Microsoft first released the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to the general public and it’s starting to pop-up in a lot of people’s main tenancies. The framework, together with modern team sites, simplifies a lot of SharePoint’s quirks and brings in modern development practices. We’ve been using it here at …

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