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Excel Online – Shapes break editing spreadsheets

What A customer recently moved several Excel Workbooks from Google Sheets to Office 365 (and Excel Online). These were complex sheets with lots of linking worksheets, formulas, etc. and on the surface seemed to be fine. However, one weekly operation was to take a copy of an existing worksheet and making it “this weeks” worksheet. …

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itgroove March 2016 Video Newsletter

I asked Karin, our newest addition to the team for “short and sweet” and I got exactly that. Enjoy the first of what I expect to be monthly Video Newsletters informing the masses of our office goings on. March 2016 Newsletter from itgroove on Vimeo.

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Office 365 – What’s New and Changed – January 2016

Special thanks to Alec (check him out over here – Alec’s Blog) for delivering this presentation today while I stay at home and nurse an epic man cold. Every Victoria Office 365 User Group, we recap/highlight what’s changed (’cause stuff is always changing) and this was my slide deck.   This is an embedded Microsoft …

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Inbox Un-Insanity – Follow Up and editing previous emails

What I thought I’d share a “Pro Tip” today. Perhaps it doesn’t work for everyone but here’s the “Why” for me. I’m an “Inbox Zero” kind of guy and strive to get there every day. I do most days, so pat on the back to me 😉 However, I don’t like the “weight” of tasks. …

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New Case Studies

The team has been hard at work putting some of our stories (Case Studies) to paper (pshaw… I mean digital/PDF). Check ’em out! Effective Advocacy with Agency-wide Access to Accurate Information See more at: Transforming Technology for Business Growth See more at:  

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Copy Shortcut – Gonzo in SharePoint Online!

Grrr. I get it Microsoft, you like “Agile” (always be changing, improving, iterative changes and get feedback). Well, here’s my feedback. In SharePoint Online, if you are going to take over the Browsers Context Menu (right click in IE, Chrome, etc.), at least give me an alternative to do the things I used to be …

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OneDrive for Business (OD4B) and Document Promotion Changes

Heads up that Microsoft is disabling (as a default) Property Promotion within the SharePoint Sites used for OneDrive for Business in Office 365/SharePoint Online. I can definitely see why they are doing this as a default with OD4B considering it is being used much more like a DropBox (and synching) than as a typical SharePoint …

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Agile, Telemetry and Rails. Oh My

I gave a presentation yesterday (January 22nd, 2015) on what I thought was a clever topic.  “Agile, Telemetry and Rails. Oh My”.  What did I know?  I came up with that on the sundeck of the Royal Caribbean “Oasis of the Seas” with probably more 4th Whiskey in hand and it seemed like a good …

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