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Inbox Un-Insanity – Follow Up and editing previous emails

What I thought I’d share a “Pro Tip” today. Perhaps it doesn’t work for everyone but here’s the “Why” for me. I’m an “Inbox Zero” kind of guy and strive to get there every day. I do most days, so pat on the back to me 😉 However, I don’t like the “weight” of tasks. …

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Some more justification for the SharePoint Enterprise CAL

Sigh.  I’m being lazy again. Here is an email I sent tonight to a client who was looking for justification on whether going from SharePoint Standard to Enterprise for about 80 people was worth the investment and why.  Here was my reply in case it helps others. Hey (name changed to protect the innocent) As …

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Quick How To Video–Inserting Space in a OneNote Page

I’ve demonstrated this a few times this week to folks.  It seems we all need a little extra/new space in our OneNote pages so I thought I’d brush off the Camtasia project and zap this quick video out in case it helps enlighten others.  Enjoy. [youtube–O8ad3s&hl=en&hd=1] If the YouTube preview image/video won’t render on …

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Year 5 – Renewed as SharePoint MVP

Got my email re: 5th year as a Microsoft MVP for SharePoint Server today. Always strange to get it on April Fools but real all the same. Thanks to all for your support. “Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2013 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders …

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I so need the cloud … or do I?

Everyone nowadays talks about “the Cloud” as being the next big thing that ALL companies should be looking at as a part of their IT infrastructure planning. The problem is that the term “Cloud”, has become so ambiguous and attached to so many things that it is hard for most companies to get a handle …

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Join me for an Office 365 Lunch and Learn this Friday

Office 365 Lunch and Learn We’re announcing that we are working with Microsoft to help bring Office 365 to businesses wanting their Office software delivered from the cloud. And we’re giving people a chance to hear firsthand how this may affect their business and what they should consider before deciding. I will be presenting what …

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What are your “Pain Points”? We’d like to help.

itgroove is a business technology solutions provider. We have lots of tools and technology available that can be used to solve any number of business issues. And we have the knowledge and experience to map the solutions out for you, as well as the skills to implement the needed hardware, software and procedures. You have …

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Come on down Developers. The Windows Store is open for business!

Hey folks, As of September 11, 2012, the Windows Store is officially open for Business.  And this means developers are now able to submit Windows Store Apps to the store. How to get started Get all the details here: How to sign up If you have an MSDN Subscription, Dreamspark account (for students in …

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