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On Generating an SSL Wildcard Certificate CSR

Yo, while I have generated a wildcard cert before (more expensive, supports any prefix such as,, it has been a long while and I figured while it may seem obvious after the fact, the scary bit is wanting to make sure you have the CSR (request) format correct before you submit it …

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InfoPath – web and client based forms and licensing

I think Question/Answer blog posts are valuable as someone might stumble across this page and find the following layman’s info interesting or useful. This was a question I got from a customer today and my response to him. We’ll refer to him as Barney” 😉   Barney’s Email   From: Barney Sent: Wednesday, March 09, …

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Missing Workflow Actions in Office Ribbon Bar

Ran into this the other day (And thanks to Darren M. for sharing his solution with me). Here’s the deal:   Problem When running SharePoint workflows (for example, the built in SharePoint 2010 Collect Feedback, Approval, Collect Signatures workflows), the edit task” ribbon button does not appear in the Word, Excel or other Office application …

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I don’t like cluttered event logs on my SharePoint Servers

What can I say? I prefer nice blue event logs when I check the health of my servers. This helps draw my attention (eyes) to the reds and yellows that might appear. And because I, like most others, connect to these servers via RDP (Remote Desktop), I end up with a bunch of clutter in …

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Getting by with SharePoint Foundation, without Enterprise Filters

As is often the case for me in the SMB area, many of my customers don’t have access to the Enterprise Edition of SharePoint and thus we need to get ‘creative’. Well, there are two web parts in SharePoint Enterprise that are very useful and as such, I’ve had to find workarounds. Luckily, some nice …

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SharePoint 2010 (and SQL) Antivirus Exclusions

Don’t mind me, I’m always seeking out these knowledge base articles in order to ensure my SharePoint environments run smoothly and to best practice. Part of that is making sure your Antivirus Software (whether it be Trend, Symantec, McAfee, etc.) plays nice. SharePoint Exclusions Take note of (BOTH) of the following sections: Folders that …

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SQL Permissions and such for SharePoint

Hey there, A colleague asked a good question today about SQL and SharePoint, so I thought I’d share the answer.   The question was… Why are there so many accounts under SQL Logins related to SharePoint and are these correct? (to paraphrase)     The answer is… SharePoint manages these permissions, so long as we …

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