Drums & Cymbals

On Drums, Mr. Sean Wallbridge

Excerpt from previous band profile...

Birthplace: North York, Ontario

Sean began playing drums at the early age of 9 … He quickly discovered a fascination with rhythms.

While attending high school in Mississauga in the late 80’s, Sean turned his enthusiasm for drumming into an almost inhuman devotion to playing.  At one point, Sean found himself in 14 different bands!  From the local youth symphony, jazz and concerts bands to the pit orchestra for large shows in Toronto performing shows as diverse as  “Fiddler on the roof” to “The Wiz” to “The Pirates of Penzance”.  He also formed and joined several local rock bands.

In 1990, Sean found himself working at Ontario Place for the summer.  As a member of a Dixieland quartet called “Tossed Salad…(Tuxedo’s from the waste up and Bermuda shorts from the waste down) Sean hung out with and jammed with some historically important bands…Doug and the Slugs to the Temptations to name but a few.

In 1991 Sean was invited to play and tour with a well known theatre/music company known as “Up with People”.  For over a year Sean toured Europe and North America, playing for Millions of people, live on stage as well as on National Television.  190 shows in 14 different countries gave Sean immense experience and fine-tuned his skills as a drummer/performer.

Sean then turned his attention to trying something a bit different and joined “Carnival Cruises” on their 80,000 tonne super-ship “Fantasy” as a drummer/performer in their big band which entertained passengers going from Tampa to Nassau and Freeport in the Bahama’s.

Sean has settled in Victoria BC and has performed in “Big Muff”, “Bovine Love Jelly”, “Fast Jacket” and “The Crawl”, except for a 6 year hiatus in Bermuda where no, he did not take up the Steel Drums… The sticks took a rest, but in 2003 Sean got the itch, and returned to Victoria.


In 2005, Sean joined “The Usual Suspects” and had proven himself invaluable.  His temperament, training and experience had helped the band settle into a routine that helped them focus and succeed at most things that they try to do.  Sean was active in all aspects of the bands promotions, bookings and advertising.

As of 2008, Sean has been the drummer for “SuperSauce” – an 80’s to Modern Dance Party Band.

As Sean says “Computer geek by day, Batman…errr…Drummer by night!”.