Sean Wallbridge

Dad. Husband. Drummer. Learner of Things.

Sean Wallbridge, President and Chief Troublemaker at Regroove Solutions Inc. is a ten-time Microsoft MVP shaking things up in Victoria, British Columbia and beyond by helping clients change the way they do business through cloud technology. Sean and the team at Regroove specialize in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Azure, Flow, PowerApps, Power BI, Dynamics 365, and other technology that helps businesses to leverage the power of the cloud. They provide consulting and coaching on digital transformation, modern desktop, automated processes, and so much more!  

“Do the right thing, and do that thing right.”  

About Me

I have a wonderful wife and two fantastic kids. Besides mucking in SharePoint and preaching the word of Office 365, I’m also a dedicated Consultant, solving all the business technology problems thrown at me through my company, Regroove. We’re based on beautiful British Columbia, in the capital city of Victoria on Vancouver Island. I am a ten-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award, and work to build awareness for SharePoint and Office 365 in Victoria through the ‘VicO365’ Office 365 User Group 

I’m always open to learning new things and have an endless curiosity for technology and its application in our every day lives. At Regroove, we’re focusing on revolutionizing the way businesses work by helping them migrate to and utilize cloud technology. Say goodbye to patching, security updates, and manual backups! We don’t babysit servers anymore, and you shouldn’t either. We’re selecting meaningful, cool, or unique projects to dedicate our time to, and working exclusively with clients who align with our values.  

When I’m not causing trouble at Regroove, handing out with the family, or pretending to have other hobbies, I’m also a drummer in the band SuperSauce. Check us out sometime, we don’t suck.  

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