Embracing Discomfort: What Makes Regroove Different as Canadian Cloud Consultants

“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.”

Michael Phelps

I don’t like change, but who does? Change can be uncomfortable. Change forces you out of your comfort zone, which we avoid during our day-to-day work. But regardless of how uncomfortable it may be, sometimes, change is necessary, especially as Canadian Cloud Consultants ✔️. 

Regroove was born out of discomfort. ITGroove started as somewhat of a managed services provider. Our tasks included babysitting servers, selling antivirus software, and serving as a helpdesk. We helped small businesses put out daily fires?, but I was miserable. 

I was miserable because I knew that we could make a bigger difference for our clients. I needed to change, and so did our business. But to change, I had to once again embrace the discomfort. 

After learning the ins and outs of the cloud☁️ through my early experiences with SharePoint, I went all in. I transitioned a large portion of our ‘change adverse’ clients to a more traditional provider and risked everything to make time and space to help new clients move to the cloud. Looking like a crazy man on a hill yelling, “Bring your business to the cloud!”, I rebranded as ‘Regroove’, and I thought companies, both here in Canada and internationally, would embrace it quickly. 

They didn’t. 

What Makes Regroove Different as a Canadian Cloud Consultants? 

While business was slow, the Regroove team prepared ourselves for what we thought would be an inevitable shift to the cloud. Eventually, we accepted that this shift may be a 5-10 year journey. We were uncomfortable but committed and focused. 

And then, March 2020 came. Suddenly, businesses had an incentive to make the move to the cloud. As physical offices shut down around the world, businesses were forced to either adjust to doing business remotely, utilizing the cloud, or close up shop. 

In addition to being early to this space, Regroove is different from other cloud services companies. Let me explain how. 

What Makes Regroove Different as a Canadian Cloud Consultants? 

What Makes Regroove Different as a Canadian Cloud Consultants? 

We prioritize helping you. My purpose on this earth is to help people help others. I started transitioning out of itgroove and into Regroove because it was what I needed to help businesses better serve their employees and clients. Everything we do is focused on helping people help others rather than solely existing to create and exploit profits from clients. 

We are transparent. Every provider makes mistakes. What separates Regroove is our honesty. If we make a mistake, we will be honest about that mistake and explain why it happened. When we are working with you to create a solution, you will never hear us say “there is no cloud alternative to this solution.” This just isn’t true. We welcome second opinions and will answer any and all of your questions. 

We practice what we preach. Although we would prefer most of our staff commute to the office for that personal touch, we offer fully remote roles to individuals where it meets their needs. 

We don’t sell software or hardware. Regroove is solution agnostic. We provide the best possible fix for whatever issue your company is facing. 

We know that moving your company to the cloud may make you comfortable. Regroove is here to help make this transition quick, simple, affordable, and effective. ?Contact Regroove today to get started