Why clients love working with Regroove, and you will too (probably)

Why clients love working with Regroove

“You will love working with us.” ??????????

Every company says this, but can it always be true? 

The truth is you probably don’t love most of the companies you work with; you tolerate them. 

We cultivate relationships with our customers to not only provide value but develop working relationships that we all love.

Earlier this year, we completed work for the Independent Living Housing Society of Greater

Victoria (ILHS). The ILHS provides housing and care for adults with diverse abilities. The company has multiple locations, meaning their team is never located in the same place and technology plays a significant role in their organization. 

The Problem

Working on cloud solutions at Regroove

Months before the pandemic, ILHS saw the value in improving collaboration and communication amongst their team. They wanted to work remotely and have fewer limitations to where and how they worked. However, they needed reliable, secure, and quick access to their data regardless of where they were located. They weren’t sure what solution would best meet their needs and how to implement that solution quickly and effectively. 

Our Solution

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Regroove built a custom solution for ILHS that included Regroove’s Coaching and Project Management package, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. We provided onboarding and responsive customer service to ensure all employees understood what was available to them, how to use it, and what to do if they ran into issues. 

The Results 

I asked Lorinda Staples, ILHS Manager of Finance, about her experience and the benefits they gained from our partnership. “I can’t imagine trying to set up everything myself… they removed a lot of the headache and false starts with [Microsoft] Teams and SharePoint,” Lorinda stated. “Regroove are experts… [they have] seen so many different organizations, and they know what the best practices are,” she continued. 

Their new cloud solution gave ILHS an advantage during the pandemic, keeping their operations moving forward while other organizations and companies struggled to communicate and collaborate with their teams after working in-person was no longer an option. 

Why You Will Love Working with Regroove (Probably)

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Our clients love us because they love what we can bring them — simplicity, flexibility, connectivity, reliability, and security, all while remaining transparent and affordable. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits we bring to partners: 

  • Simplicity: Receive coaching and guidance that will simplify your move to the cloud. 
  • Flexibility: Work where you want and how you want. 
  • Connectivity: Stay connected to your team and data. 
  • Reliability: Access your information consistently anywhere you have an Internet connection. 
  • Security: Protect your data while remaining the owner of it. 

But wait, there’s more! 

We offer the truth with no sugar-coating. If you’re not ready to move to the cloud, we never force you to make the switch. We’ll be here when you need us, and we’ll let you go about your business until we can be of help. 

What’s not to love? 

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