Regroove – Reducing Emissions in Victoria, BC

How We’re Partnering to do More 

Are you working on projects that make you feel a little more optimistic at the end of the day? We certainly are and recently we worked with a local company committed to helping our environment with reducing carbon – this is a topic that gets all of us at Regroove excited.

I’m excited to be working with a forward-thinking carbon removal company because they’re lowering atmospheric CO2 levels, making our planet healthier. 

What’s Needed to Make it Happen

Two things need to happen to impact global warming.  We need to reduce our CO2 emissions and remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. 

There are many ways we can reduce our CO2 emissions, including recycling, preserving trees, and using efficient energy (one reason I’m such a Tesla fanboy).

Regroove working alongside carbon engineering and carbon removal company.

But even if the world brings carbon emissions to zero, we still need to reduce the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

This is where our client’s carbon-removal solution comes in. Their process uses direct air capture technology, which captures CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it deep in the earth or uses it to produce fuel, chemicals, or other products.

Where We Come In – Helping a client focused on reducing Carbon

We’re helping a client implement a document management system and communication platform using SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. 

We’re starting this project by gathering requirements from each department for storing, securing, and categorizing the documentation. 

Next, we’ll categorize the content and create custom search pages to make their search fast and accurate in a secure environment.  

It’s important to work with the people who will use a cloud solution to do their work. Otherwise, you can miss the mark and end up with a system that doesn’t meet a team’s needs.

Doing Work That Matters

One of Regroove’s goals is to leave each client with the tools and knowledge to manage their own cloud systems. 

We’re not an MSP, so we want each client to be self-sufficient once our collaboration is done. 

I’m excited to be working with this client for two reasons. One, it’s fun to be back in the document management space using the modern SharePoint platform and seeing more capabilities.  

And two, working with an organization committed to helping the environment aligns with our values as well.

I’d love to hear from you—leave me a comment and tell me what gives you the good feels each day?  Do you have a project, task, or outlook that makes you feel a little better about the work you’ve done?