How to extract and clean Microsoft Stream transcriptions for content re-use

This video demonstrates how to extract the transcribed text (transcriptions) from your Microsoft Stream videos so that you can then clean it up for re-use elsewhere, say on blogs, in documents, video descriptions, etc.

There are a few steps to this Stream Video Transcription Export process:

  1. Capture your Stream video and ensure transcription is enabled (and identify the language as well, never hurts)
  2. Next you are going to choose ‘Update Video Details’ in the video
  3. Once in the videos editing screen, you are going to download the ‘Captions’ file. It will have all sorts of juicy data in there … but we don’t want it so…
  4. You are going to take the contents of that file and take it over to and clean it up
  5. Finally, make the text that much nicer by adding formatting, line breaks and you are in business!

Hope that helps someone!

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