Music Bingo – CountrifiedUK and Rockstar Bingo chat

Music Bingo is becoming a big deal, for me… ? Typically I use this space to talk about tech, the cloud, workplace culture and doing all that I can to help others embrace change. But today I thought I’d share a podcast I was recently on as it is very near and dear to my heart.

I’ll briefly explain here but if you want to hear it straight from me as I share with two fun UK lads (#CountrifiedUK) who are looking to share their love of Country Music in the UK, the link below is the place.

The short version: During the start of the pandemic, we did a fun little pivot where we took an old idea I had of creating a Music Bingo app (we call it Rockstar Bingo) so my band (SuperSauce) had a unique offering to approach bars with (using a concept we call “Rockstar Nights“), to land more gigs. Then we got locked down and tried it via Twitch all of last year. As we start to approach (gosh I hope so) more normalcy, it went from an idea/side hustle at Regroove to a product that I sold from myself (Regroove), to myself at a company I created called Rockstar Antics (so our government could collect their GST… you can read more about that here) and it is now becoming a big and fun part of my life.

What is Rockstar Bingo?

Rockstar Bingo is a new smart phone based game that is making its way into bars, pubs, events and online gatherings, providing a way for friends to connect and play Music Bingo. Just listen and dab!

Get started today hosting Rockstar Bingo – visit