Help. I’m the hulk on my webcam!?

Put this one in the well, that was weird pile…



I have 2 Avermedia Live Streamer CAM 313 Webcams. Cheap and worked pretty great for 6 months. One I use at home, one at the office, both connecting to the same laptop (Microsoft Surface Laptop) via the Surface Dock. I just sit down and have meetings … it is lovely.

But about a week ago, BOTH cameras (but not right away, home went first, then work) all of a sudden made me green … like “Hulk Mad” green. No amount of settings, driver checks, unplugging/different ports helped.

Avermedia Live Streamer CAM 313 – Green Problem


So today I figured out a fix and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but I’m going to share it anyways in case it helps someone else. My thinking was “I wonder if it is the camera or my laptop?”. So I plugged it into my wife’s Surface Laptop and it was fine – presented nicely as expected. “Okay, so it must be a setting on my laptop” is what I thought to myself and plugged it back into my machine planning on comparing settings with both laptops.

But that’s the rub. After plugging it into my laptop again … the webcam was FINE ? on my machine. As in the action of plugging it in somewhere else reset it and I was able to use it again on my main machine … back in business.


So there you have it. Maybe this helps someone. Try plugging the webcam into another computer to see if it is healthy and that action alone might make it better when it returns to your own machine.

Weird. But whatever.