Training is Dead – Long Live Office 365 Productivity Coaching

Tired of taking an entire day off work to sit in an all-day training course? Sick of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per person to attend a course? Frustrated that there’s no guarantee that learners will remember anything covered in a course?

We feel the same way. That’s why Regroove doesn’t offer traditional training.

We don’t offer training courses because we firmly believe the classic traditional training model no longer works. When you work with us there are:

  • No classrooms or large class sizes.
  • No courses or course outlines.
  • No more waiting for a course to run.
  • No manuals.
  • No generic topics or practice files.
  • No death by PowerPoint slides.
  • No irrelevant examples.
  • No following exercises out of a manual.
  • No more waiting for slow learners to catch up.
  • No certification or certificates.
  • No ‘pass/fail’ performance review.
  • No written tests or evaluations.
  • No guarantee you can pass a Microsoft Exam.
  • No guarantee you can perform a job or role.
Cloudfirst Coaching is right-sized for your business.

The future of learning is coaching.

We believe coaching sessions gives you the most value for your investment. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Work 1-1 or in a small group with a coach in a consultation session.
  • Build a solution while you learn.
  • Pay for the consultant’s time, not for a seat in a classroom.
  • Discussion driven by learner’s questions.
  • Learn on your system to keep learning in-context to your organization.
  • Choose the pace and level of technical detail that’s right for you.
  • Focus on using logic and reason to solve problems and find answers.
  • Choose from a lecture-style presentation, live demos, or both.

We can also offer the following value-add extras:

  • Recorded sessions so you have video to review and re-enforce the learning later.
  • Customized pre-session surveys to determine what an organization needs.
  • Customized post-session surveys to capture session feedback and plan next steps.
  • Custom documentation on procedures or processes specific to the business.
  • Knowledge Base site to bring the lessons from the coaching sessions into the company Intranet for referencing post-coaching

Learn from our coaches’ experience.

We are business technology consultants that use SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and the rest of the Office 365 apps every day to deliver quality solutions to our clients. Our ability is rooted in results – in fact, check out some of our Success Stories.

How Coaching Sessions Help

Coaching is focused on the learner’s needs.

Coaching sessions are:

  • Flexible
  • Relevant
  • Tailored
  • Collaborative
  • Learner-driven
  • Solution-focused

Ready to book a coaching session? Contact us for more information.