Meet Regroove

Kelly and the team wrote up a profile of Regroove last week for an organization that wanted a summary. They did such a great job, it would be a shame not to share it here … so I will.

Regroove – Get into it. Stay with it.

Regroove Solutions is a cloud-first “agent of change” who revolutionizes the way you work. They deliver coaching and consulting on digital transformation, modern workplace productivity, and process automation. Their talented service delivery team helps organizations of all sizes leverage the power of cloud technology to build effective teams, successful projects, and scalable businesses. They’ll catch you up to current technology, and help you stay ahead of the curve through ongoing care and support.

Regroove has continuously evolved since its inception in 2003. While other IT companies continue to patch servers, Regroove adapted to changing market trends. After shifting from managed IT to the cloud consulting space, they assembled a talented development team to build “Software-as-a-Service” solutions as well. From Regroove’s flagship app Navo, a governed bookmarking tool that empowers staff to find what they need, to Shelterball, an app to track game play for an indoor version of softball, Regroove is here when there isn’t ‘an app for that’.

Regroove focuses on delivering meaningful and unique projects for customers with aligned values who are fun to work with. Regroove knows the key to their success is putting people before profits and supporting their staff in feeling safe, respected, and included.

Working in a Healthy, CloudFirst Environment

Cloud technology means you can work from anywhere, any time. Regroove protect staff from burnout by not pursuing clients or projects that require 24/7 service. Staff are never pressured to work overtime or outside business hours. Everyone activates Quiet Hours on their devices to not be disturbed at home.

Regroove’s modern office spaces in downtown Victoria and Brentwood feature fridges stocked with healthy drinks and snacks, laundry facilities, and showers and fresh towels for biking to work. Meeting rooms allow staff to simply walk in and start video-conference meetings, with or without devices. Workstations have adjustable standing desks, ergonomic Herman Miller chairs, and dual monitors.

Staff can use sick time for mental health days without stigma, or the work from home policy with no explanation required.

All staff, even part-time, receive the premium Chamber of Commerce extended healthcare package with medical, dental, and insurance. Wellness professionals deliver staff presentations on nutrition planning, physical fitness, and stress reduction.

Regroove’s focus on “working out loud” teamwork, communication, and collaboration fosters a fun, playful, and stigma- free corporate culture that is empowering to all staff. The entire team actively shares advice and an empathetic ear for colleagues, which makes it feel like a family.