Do Better than Passwords in the Cloud

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Get into it. Stay with it.

Sometimes I finish composing an email to someone and think… gosh, maybe others will benefit. So I’m sharing this one right here…

Hey Mike,
Good chatting with you this morning. Here’s a quick note as it was a timely discussion and I thought I’d share the result of it with you.


You were asking about Cloud security and I understand you folks have embarked on using Office 365, etc. Yep, that’s definitely what we do here over at Regroove.

Kyle explains Office 365 MFA


I had mentioned the importance of security only really being solid if you harness and commit to (and by commit, I mean senior leadership/management enforcing/insisting on this rolling downhill, to protect the entire business – you are only as strong as your weakest link) using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). Today, it is actually relatively easy but hugely powerful and important. Something you know (your password, hopefully a strong one), something you have (your smart phone) and something you are (your face or fingerprint). The combination of all 3 is a BIG part towards keeping your business security strong.


Included is a little infographic we had put together today (it’s a draft and may change a little with feedback) to put in the hands of businesses (and business owners/leaders) to ensure they “get it” and then INSIST on their IT to enforce it. As I say, I don’t care if Regroove is doing this for folks (this isn’t a hunt for new business), I just care that those around me (our community, our friends, all of us) are making smart Cloud Technology decisions. Maybe having this little infographic will be the ammo you need to push a strong Cloud security agenda forward.

Have a great week dude!