I know my purpose. Do you know yours?

About this time last year, a dear friend of mine helped me (redefine, and then further refine) my “Purpose“. While the results of it reads longer than this, Tom pushed me to get it down to ’10 words or less’ so you could ‘say it to yourself, like a mantra’. While my purpose in life isn’t just about work, when I’m at work, I know exactly what I’m looking to achieve and to ‘pull me’ vs push me.

Living a purposeful life, at work and home, is the most powerful of motivations. It is the difference between needing to push yourself at work and being ‘pulled’. Pulled is better.

So here’s mine. To… 

“Relentlessly modernize organizations and my community with tools and expertise.”

Sean Wallbridge

So, that begs the question. What’s yours?

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