To change is difficult. Not to change is fatal.

Some days, helping others with change (modernization) will suck. They will resist, they will moan, they will bitch, they will forget why they started in the first place. But without changing, we (and they) aren’t going anywhere.

We are agents of change. Get into it. Stay with it.

Change is hard. Not being willing to change is a bad idea.

Why the crabs? We’re doing a lot of cloud migrations lately. Often the push is to ‘go Cloud’, sometimes with only ‘Savings’ in mind (this is not the sole reason to go to the cloud, companies are seriously missing the point when they do this). So folks are in a rush, thinking about savings and thinking the journey is easy.

What they so easily forget is they are moving away from years, if not decades of undocumented decisions, processes and systems on their old servers and stuff. All manner of sins and decisions were previously that are about to be surfaced, like crabs that scurry out from under a rock.

We’ve considered wearing flack jackets…

Instead, we work with the client to capture and correct those little surprises and turn them into permanent, modern improvements.

But the customer needs to recognize they exist, will occur and should accommodate for that … Or, they should just stay where they are and hope the future doesn’t pass them by too quickly.

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