Protein Balls – For Busy People on the Go – In Victoria


I’m not one to sit still. I also like to align myself with people I admire and respect. In this case, I’ve aligned with my dear friend and personal trainer (or rather, “Energizer Bunny that regularly kicks my ass, along with her 19 foot tall ginger rugby playing boyfriend that likes Metal music a little too much”). I like Ann a lot (shh, don’t tell her, I have her convinced that she annoys me so I can get out of burpees).

Ann is very driven and very passionate about having an impact and a plan. At some point along the way, I managed to convince Ann that one of our plans could cross streams (ala Ghostbusters). I bring the tech, she brings the passion for good food and nutrition.

Nerd + Fitness whacko = Ballsy Foods

So What

So we have a company name, we have a product and we have the beginning of a plan. And better still, I have an amazing crew at Regroove that can help us execute on this plan. As another friend (Carolyn) pointed out, I pretty much have an ‘agency’ at Regroove. We can do anything. And well, we are.

Next up – Website, portal (policies, procedures, forms) and a little BA work (clarity on liability, foodsafe, etc.) and of course, project management. Our crew brings it all, together. Go team.

Now What

So… hungry? On the go? Our plan is to start with Protein Balls delivered in bulk (glass containers with stickers on them for that sassy branding effect) on our first production run, Sunday February 9th (“People need deadlines” ~ Walt Disney). Ann has the product and macros dialed-in, we have 4 FoodSafe Certified/Ready people.

Ballsy Sticker are here!

Watch our website – for more details as they come together, early in 2020.

I also whipped together this little visual which I think helps map out the current plan.

Balls to the Wall – Smart Food on the Go.