Family-friendly condos near DisneyWorld

A lot of my friends and colleagues will already know that I’m a big fan of Disney and Pixar (in fact, much of what we’ve modeled our app/brand incubation service at RegrooveStudios‘ location is heavily influenced by Pixar and my research into their culture).  I really admire how they execute their brand, their approach, their projects (and how they run them) and I’ve devoured probably a dozen audiobooks related to them both. I’ll be sure to include some of my favourites below.

I’m also a big Disney history buff – some fascinating reading on the first years (and opening day) of Disneyland and the lessons learned from it and applied to DisneyWorld. You should check it out.

I’m also a fan of warm weather. After 5+ years of living in Bermuda between 1998 and 2003, I very much miss a sunny, warm day.  To that end, Wendy and I are always seeking out Caribbean cruises and we have also spent a lot of time in Orlando.  We went to DisneyWorld a number of times and stayed at probably 70% of the Disney properties there.  The resorts were always awesome and themed … but the food was expensive and awful – 5 days of eating like that and I quickly miss something as simple as a bologna sandwich. 🙂

It has been some time since I specifically reminded friends and family that we actually own two condos at a Caribbean themed resort near DisneyWorld (20 minutes drive away) called ‘Bahama Bay’ – so I thought maybe it was time for a refresher.  We came to love the entire process of owning a condo, renovating it and making it our own and then sharing it with others. If you want to check out our properties for your next family trip, for a retreat/break of if you are a Microsoft (or other conference) nerd going to Ignite, I think you’ll find the value for money with our condos is pretty spectacular.

Meet Our Condos

3 bedroom unit at Bahama Bay

This was our first unit/foray into this whole condo thang.  Wendy and I really bonded over this experience and we made a lot of great friends and fellow condo owners along the way.  This was an incredible learning experience and now we’ve settled into a nice, manageable groove.

2 bedroom unit at Bahama Bay

We got this unit last year.  I won’t lie, this one is our favourite. We applied the lessons learned, had a little more budget up front so we could start from scratch vs taking the longer road to put in upgrades. We also had the most amazing time with our friends Kim and Brodie getting it ready for our first group of guests and we haven’t looked back. While only 2 bedrooms, it is actually larger in square footage with a big patio overlooking one of the lakes at Bahama Bay.

Anyways, we hope you’ll consider these ‘homes away from home’ the next time you check in on Mickey.  We also have a website with more information if you are curious –

Recommended Disney/Pixar Reading

As promised, here’s my current favourite audiobooks (I love learning and getting exercise and fresh air at the same time) and I’ll be seeking out others. If you have any recommended reading (or ideally listening), I’d love to hear about it.