And then there was one (handset)

And then there was one…

Microsoft Teams Voice for the Win!
The last of our phone handsets – if I could get rid of it, I would ๐Ÿ™‚

We love our Microsoft Teams based phone system.  We have just ONE handset left and that is simply to ensure we have a phone someone could pick up in a hurry to make a 911 call.  Outside of that, everyone is enjoying a combination of:

  1. No stiff necks – using our Jabra 75 headsets for enjoying music AND phone calls, hands and neck pain free
  2. Amazing Room Experiences – Teams Room Systems where we walk in and start amazing, collaborative meetings
  3. Take our phone calls on the go – I find personally I take more calls on my mobile phone now – they come in through the main system but I answer the call in the Teams App on my mobile phone so I can move about rather than being chained to my desk – coupled with using my Apple AirPods and I’m truly mobile

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