Finding Stuff at itgroove – A brief tour of our Intranet built on SharePoint Online, powered by Masthead – May 2019

I get asked all the time to “give an example of an Intranet so we can decide if SharePoint is a fit”. Today I decided to just bang one out (so sure, it is a little rough around the edges … but Skip the Dishes was en route with lunch ;).

This video is a quick tour of itgroove‘s Intranet recorded May 17, 2019 (it is always evolving as our business changes). Built in Office 365 combining SharePoint Online (Communication Sites and Team Sites), Microsoft Teams – it all comes together with our Masthead ( product which gives us Global Navigation (including Security Trimming and Navigation outside of SharePoint as well – on mobile, in Teams, in Windows, etc.).

Enjoy and have a great weekend.