Two New HowTo Videos for better Navigation in SharePoint with Masthead

A picture is worth a 1000 words. A video is worth more, right? Explaining the value our product Masthead (Beautiful Navigation for SharePoint, Teams and really … Office 365) is easy but folks are busy. If you have worked with SharePoint in the past, you know that Microsoft’s navigation story to date has been poor – requiring assembling a team of developers, UX designers and a project wrapped around it. With the recent introduction of Hub Sites, some needs are being addressed … but there are still so many gaps (see our Hub Sites vs Masthead comparison page for more on that).

Masthead does a lot today (and more is coming soon, including Microsoft Teams, apps for iOS and Android) but it does three things that our customers are immediately appreciative of:

  1. Adding/Updating Navigation is super easy
  2. Deploying the navigation to new sites is super easy
  3. Masthead supports Security Trimming, so your navigation can show only what you want to show to your users

For now, here’s two videos I just put together to help demonstrate items #1 and #2 above

This brief video demonstrates how easy it is to add a new navigation item to your SharePoint sites.

This brief video demonstrates how easy it is to add your global navigation in Masthead to a new SharePoint site.