Adding an item to Masthead – Walkthrough

I was working on some materials for my next user group presentation (which I’ll share here soon enough). It occurred to me that not many people have seen our new (in preview) Progressive Web App for Masthead – we call it “Beautiful Navigation for Office 365” – SharePoint, Teams and beyond. So I figured I’d drop the video here so you can have a quick look. In it I’m simply showing how to easily add a new item (in this case our Change Register, within our IT Departments nav) to our Masthead. Towards the end, I give a quick teaser of the web app we have in preview. Imagine it as an app on your phone, in your Start Menu, as a browser bookmark or tab, in the Office Waffle – secured, company nav to take with you on the go (and yes, Security Trimming ๐Ÿ™‚

Learn more about Masthead here: