Inbox Zero in the Office 365 Ecosystem

I took part in a neat event the other day at a local Meetup called “Lighten the Load: Tech Tools for Not for Profits“, run by the local NetSquared NonProfit group. It was a fun evening with great food (and Bourbon!) and a bunch of folks each took turns sharing their favourite technology tip, in under 5 minutes. I think we all failed at squeezing our tips in, but alas we all tried.

When I was thinking about going to the event, I could think of 20 technologies or tips right off the bat. But I kept coming back to one of my main passions, which is helping folks get to Inbox Zero – and better still, in the span of the presentation, I could at least briefly mention some of my favourite tools in passing.

I didn’t succeed either making a video of it this time – but alas, if you have 12 or so minutes to spare, maybe this overview of how to start achieving Inbox Zero, today, using Microsoft Office 365 tools … or if you are having trouble sleeping, maybe have a go with this.

Enjoy (or not ;).