Business Class Wireless

Why Business Class Wireless?

At itgroove, our motto is to “get it working for you”. We like to build things that work well, are polished, and most importantly, make your lives easier. Our Business Class Wireless solution was born from a need we had in our own office to find a better way to connect to the internet.


Business Class Wireless



Our Struggle

The biggest frustrations we had with our old wireless setup were its range, reliability, and ease of connection for guests.

Often, when using our boardroom, I’d lose my WiFi connection. A good portion of our client meetings happen in our boardroom, so something had to change. We needed better WiFi range so that anyone using the boardroom would get a good signal.

The network was unreliable and would often go down, meaning someone’s day was interrupted when they had to restart the router. It doesn’t take that long, but if you’re doing it all the time, it begins to become a pain.

Then, there was the issue of guests connecting to our network. If someone new connected to our network, we’d have to check around the office to see who remembered the password.


Guy at desk using tech



The Solution

After trying many different options, we found a solution that works perfectly for us. Our clients who have it love it, too.

Our wireless internet connection is solid as a rock.

We get full bars in the boardroom.

When guests connect, they get this friendly screen:


itgroove Captive Portal



And, our router looks like a spaceship:


Ubiquiti Router



Your business may be different than ours – bigger, or smaller, with different wireless needs, or a different Internet Service Provider than the one we use. That’s cool with us. ?

The beauty of our Business Class Wireless solution is that we help you figure out exactly what you need to get it working for you. Our in-house team of graphic designers can build you a screen that uses your company branding to get your message across and look good while you do it. We test the wireless to make sure it’s working great, and we can even map out the range using a heat map just like this one:


Wireless Heat Map



Want to Learn More?

For more details, please check out our Business Class Wireless page on itgroove’s website. If this is already music to your ears, and you’d like to cut to the chase, go ahead and contact us. We’d love to get your wireless working for you. ?