Introducing itgroove Studios

In lieu of a Video Newsletter for May 2017, we created and shared the “Introducing itgroove Studios” video with our friends. For those that missed the video, you can read the message we shared here:

For the past fourteen years, itgroove has been focused on getting it working for our clients, empowering organizations both through building and support of IT infrastructure and by building custom solutions for our clients, and none of that is changing. itgroove remains committed to being a full service IT consulting company, getting it working for our clients every day.

More and more the solutions we build and support are cloud based and center around creating web-based tools that solve business problems, make processes more effective, and drive productivity.

We’ve learned a lot doing this work. Not only does our team have a thorough understanding of cloud technology and design, we’ve also had the opportunity to see first hand the similar problems that exist across different industries and organizations. We always like to say you may be special, but you are not unique.

Working with organizations of all sizes that do work across so many different verticals we come across the same challenges utilizing cloud services and the same gaps that need to be filled.

As a company we’ve come to a place where we’re ready to try and build solutions to address the needs that we see out there. As such, we are building a new part of our team focused entirely on product development aiming to create solutions and services to help close the gaps that we see everyday. We’ve got lots of great ideas and we’re putting together a team of people that are passionate about making them real.

Our work will be centered around off the shelf apps, services and solutions build for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. And of course, itgroove services is still here taking care of our clients everyday, building awesome solutions, and getting it working for you.

We are staying true to our brand, starting small, keeping it simple, and doing what we do best as a boutique company. We can’t wait to share with you the things that we build.

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