Gallery: Blog Tiles for SharePoint

The itgroove team has added Blog Tiles to the Gallery.

These blog tiles take the out of the box SharePoint blog pages (which, let’s be honest, can be a bit boring) and turn them on their heads. For the layout of our Blog Tiles solution, we were inspired by the popular website Pinterest. The tiles stretch to fit whatever content is inside of them, and are nice-looking to scroll through. Raise your hand if you’ve wasted hours by browsing Pinterest… I know I have! We wanted our Blog Tiles to be just as easy and fun to browse, so we emulated that grid layout with images and teasers.

The Internet as we know it today is so deeply integrated with social media that it’s rare to see a page without a “like” or “comment” feature. We made sure to include those features to make SharePoint blog posts more familiar.

As with all of our Gallery solutions, the Blog Tiles are responsive… meaning they’ll work well on all screen sizes and orientations.

For screenshots, a video intro, and a walkthrough of the Blog Tiles go to


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