How to Stop Notifications from OneNote on updated content

So this just started yesterday for my mother.  And when Mom calls, you get back to her right away, or she starts ringing our office until she finds someone (or me).

All of a sudden, an in yesterday (June 16, 2016), my father and I (and her) started getting email notifications every time she updated a page in her OneNote.  This sent her into a little panic (and I imagine it will others, if they are trying to plan something, such as say, a birthday surprise, etc.).  I’m not sure if Microsoft is experimenting or whether she somehow turned it on herself but it took a bit of sleuthing to get to the bottom of how to turn the emails off.


If you get emails (or others that are sharing your OneNote Notebook with you in OneDrive (not that other “One Drive”, you know, OneDrive for Business) that look something like this…

OneNote Notitifcation Email

Saying something to the effect of “XXX was updated by YYY YYYYYY” from [email protected], this is for you.


Unsubscribing (the link at the bottom of the email is the quick fix) and I couldn’t for the life of me find anywhere in to get there by a link takes you to a page that looks like this.

OneNote Notification Settings


Really though, you probably want to get there now and not click through on an unsubscribe link.  So here it is, as it doesn’t seem to be linked from anywhere else.

Just go to: and login with your Windows Account and turn off any notifications you don’t want (in my case, they were all turned on… not sure if that is new or not as I didn’t know it existed until last night).