itgroove now on VIMEO

I’ve made no secret about it before.  I think Google is evil.  Too many negative experiences with the company that is always “in beta” and lately that extends to YouTube.  I won’t get into it here but I’m done with posting videos I care about on YouTube (Google/YouTube if you are listening, I’d love for someone to ever get back to me to follow up. Your lack of care, cooperation, community or respect has left me leaving you to only what you are truly useful for, and that’s a stretch … wasting time when I’m bored).

Ok, on to the purpose of this post.  I’ve always said a picture is worth a 1000 words and that’s why I’m a huge fan of Smart Art in Office and Snagit from Techsmith. But better than a picture for showing someone “The way”?  Video of course!  We’ve been doing it for years but now it is time to take it to the next level. 

Video rhymes with Vimeo and YouTube stinks so we’re going to be using Vimeo going forward for our videos.  Here’s where you’ll find us going forward: