How to move an existing email conversation to Yammer

I’ve started putting together some short videos for common tasks, tips, tricks and questions I get.  I’ve always been an advocate of the concept that a picture is worth a 1000 words (thus my undying love for SnagIt). But lately I’ve been thinking, “screw 1000 words, a video must be worth 10,000 words right?”  So, there um, is the underlying brilliance in this series…

Today’s video is about “How to move an existing email conversation to Yammer”, and turning it into a more collaborative experience.

As you may already be aware, Yammer is great for taking conversations typically conducted as emails into real, collaborative discussions available on any device, from anywhere.  What I’m talking about here is the concept of “working out loud” as the folks from Yammer have coined.

At itgroove, we “move conversations” to Yammer more and more, all the time.  Anything from Jokes, opinion pieces, knowledge or project work is better served in Yammer but often isn’t born there.

This is one method I take often, of course your mileage and technique may vary…


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