Bye Bye Wallet, Hello Wallet Phone Case

I’ve been on a quest for some time now to reduce all the clutter in my life.  And I’ve just about got it all tricked out.  OneNote and SharePoint up until this point is the central theme in just about anything and everything that has led to my organized happiness, both business and personal. This next change was about reducing the Physical Clutter in my wallet/life.

Giddy Up

Today was yet another small victory. Despite the fact that Apple Pay isn’t available in Canada yet (maybe Spring 2015?  Fingers Crossed…), I’ve still come to the conclusion that I don’t really need to carry all 3 of my Credit Cards around with me and I don’t really need to carry both a business and personal bank card or other bits of plastic.  Further to that, I had already backed off from my existing/regular wallet all those things that I didn’t really need to have an OFFICIAL card for.  Things like YMCA card, Costco (no mag strip, etc.) and pictures of my family (those are already stored safely, backed up and available on any device in OneNote).

So here’s where I’m at today – October 26th, 2014 at about 4pm when I tucked my old wallet away.

In my new (Case Mate Wallet Folio for iPhone 6) Phone Case, I now carry:


  • 1 work credit card
  • 1 personal credit card
  • 1 personal bank card
  • My Drivers License
  • My iPhone 6


Tucked neatly, tidily, searchalilly (hey I just coined a new word!?) inside my iPhone are all the things that I might have also had in my wallet, besides all those Smart things my Smart Phone, does…

  • Pictures of my Family (OneNote) to share quickly with others
  • Pictures of cards that don’t have chips or mag strips such as travel cards, health cards, membership cards, etc. (OneNote)
  • Receipts – HA! What Receipts?  I don’t carry receipts after I buy something. We’ve been paperless for some time (HUGE!) and I use SharePlus and/or Nintex Mobile for SharePoint (depending on my mood or situation) to upload photos of receipts immediately after buying something – set it and forget it)

So far, so good.  It’s taking a little adjustment to get used to a bigger case in my front pocket and having to flip the front open to get to my phone. That said, I *REALLY* don’t miss having a wallet in my backside when I sit down so this is something I will quickly and happily adjust to.  At one time I had one of those Costanza wallets.  Not anymore.  Very freeing.

Bring on Apple Pay in Canada!  Secure NFC is going to be amazing and turfing the two credit cards from this case will be even better.

What’s Left/Next?

  • Well, I’ve been waiting for my Phone Powered Door Opener (Lockitron) for a long time.  A kickstarter (like) project that is taking FOREVER to deliver the goods.  Especially now that there are cooler options in stores but I plunked down my $100 and so I wait…  Hmm, I might get one of these instead – .  Decisions/Decisions
  • (Rant) When will car companies stop giving us giant dongles/door openers? I love my Ford Flex and Mini Cooper Countryman but the Keyfobs for them are ridiculous.  I did decide today to separate them into two separate keychain’s as I can’t drive both cars at once so I did shed my *daily* keychain by half.  I’m looking forward to the day I use my fingerprint on my phone, to start and unlock my car – can’t be that far away now, can it?

Quick Preview in Photos of my Brave New World

I’m fully aware I’m not the first to own one of these but I’m thinking a few folks might be interested to see just how far we can go now to being freed from carrying too much stuff!  A friend of mine (thanks Kent) already inspired me to take the next step after I saw his.  Up until now I was only dreaming of such things.

My New iPhone 6 Wallet Case
My New iPhone 6 Wallet Case
Here's all I've got in my wallet now
Here’s all I’ve got in my wallet now
I made sure I picked a case where I can still take a quick picture
I made sure I picked a case where I can still take a quick picture