Killing them softly with OneNote…

OneNote rocks my world.  And I rock my wife’s world.

Well, er, more to the point, I’m trying to rock Wendy’s world.  Wendy hates technology.  But she’s coming along.  I’ve already got her in OneNote planning our trip to Ontario and she even sends me the odd link to a page that she is working on.  Progress is slow, but there is progress…

Yesterday I decided to try and bag the big one.  The weekly grocery shopping list.  Honestly, I expected big backlash (and I’m aware there are a gazillion mobile apps but she hasn’t taken a shine to any of them).  Amazingly, this time she just quietly accepted it and we moved on (by acceptance, I mean she actually gave it a go yesterday and seems to be on board, without saying a word).

Approaching this was like approaching a baby deer in the forest. You have to be sweet, subtle, approach slowly and cautiously and then BAM!, OneNote straight between the eyes!

Bambi killing them softly with OneNote


Here’s how I approached the shopping list


Before OneNote

Create the new list in OneNote first and ensure your little doe has everything she will need in there

Here it is on the iPhone. In the pocket, on the go, synched in the cloud and ready to go…

The OneNote Shopping list on iPhone

Gently and carefully redirect your young doe into the brave new world

Shopping List After


And, Well. Uh.  That’s it really.  One less piece of paper covered in coffee stains and one more victory for having all of our stuff, in one place.