Nintex Mobile 1.1.1 update out–yay, I can attach photos again!

While I was excited that Nintex Mobile 1.1 came out, I was not so enthralled that I could no longer update/attach photos to my offline, electronic forms.  Alas, after submitting a bug last week (that apparently they were already working on), I was tipped off that an update would be out soon and would address it and it arrived on the 7th in Canada. Yay!



Nintex Mobile is an app for iPhone, iPad and the Windows App Store that allows for offline/mobile SharePoint list/library updates from your mobile device.  The problem is, since v1.1, adding an attachment (particularly for me, photos) was busted (Strangely, it did work on my iPhone 5 that was running the iOS7 beta, but on no devices running iOS6)


So What

The Fix is here. Nintex Mobile 1.1.1.

Curiously/funny/er… there is no mention that “this” problem was fixed though it mentions others.  Almost like it was “slipped” in there … oopsie Winking smile


Now What

Go get it. The app is free but you do need Nintex Forms installed and up to date in your SharePoint Farm.