In my absence

It’s been a while since I last wrote – I hope business has been steady and is looking up as we approach summer.

April has been a mixed month with conflicting economic reports, the Boston bombing (so sad, but amazing resilience), corralling my family through airports and Disneyworld, and of course, the run up to the BC elections.

We had a wonderful time and there’s one thing I learned on our trip. If you want to see the future of technology, visit Disneyworld. It’s hard to see past the cutesy characters and rides but their tech is second to none! Biometric fingerprint stations that blend into the environment. The image above is their iPhone app for booking restaurants and rides [iTunes].

Disney does tech with style and flair that doesn’t detract from the focus on fun and happiness. It is, after all, the “happiest place on earth“, which showed, as Instagram usage must have spiked, as I flooded them with trip photos.

Back at home, Jeff, our Director of Sales & Consulting Services, picked up a portion of slack in my absence (I have a wonderful team who are great at filling in when needed). Jeff relies on his project management expertise heavily, and is bringing project management into the cloud with Project Server 2013. I fully endorse these internal initiatives because they usually turn into something useful.

Shifting offices to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud offering continues to happen for more and more companies. Check out Toyota’s recent case study for using Office 365 tools for their communication and collaboration spanning locations and countries. We are also seeing local customer’s benefit financially. We’ll have our own case studies on these shortly.

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