Help Eliminate annoying 1111 System Event Log Entries

You know what I’m talking about. You are wading through Event Logs on a server and see a bunch of event logs you are going to ignore, but look critical. RED.  EXCLAMATION POINTS!  Ack!


While there are ways to turn this off server side (though I’m still looking for the trick on 2012, must find that and blog about it sometime), you too can help client side.

Use RDP as “thin” as you can

You don’t need to print from the server you are managing. You pretty much just want to connect and cut and paste.  So turn everything else off.  Here’s what I set in my RDP/MSTSC sessions as this won’t try to map printers and fill servers up with nasties… and while you are at it, turn off sending sound down the line as well.