A little late, but Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you!

Wendy and I ushered in 2013 with family, friends and our new puppy. We had a nice Christmas meal and spent much of our time in the living room playing with the kids – yours truly was in charge of assembling Lego. We were grateful for the past year and decided to pass on the goodwill. We supported the  C-Fax Santa’s Anonymous for kids and did an itgroove give-away,  Give the Gift of Hockey. I hope your holiday season was just as special, in your own way.

And now we’re back in full swing here at the itgroove offices. Last year ended with a Lunch & Learn Microsoft Office 365 presentation, where we showed what it meant to have your business email and documents in the cloud. It’s incredibly affordable and we’re using it within our office already.

And during the Christmas downtime, we upgraded to the shiny new toys Santa Microsoft brought us – SharePoint 2013, Windows Server 2012, and are in the process of unwrapping Exchange and Lync 2013 too. Can”t wait!

After a few weeks of recharging with eggnog and left-over turkey, we are so excited to launch our new Cloud Shift offering that gets your staff onto the Microsoft cloud-platform. We have taken several clients through our process seamlessly already. Problems with email and document servers really can be someone else’s problem.

With baited breath, we’re waiting for Microsoft’s latest public release of their 2013 products, including SharePoint and Office. Lots of new things to show – ´╗┐efficiencies and improvements, so stay tuned for more on how it can help your business. Windows 8 has already been released and we have an opinion on that too.

Best regards,