itgroove is in the SharePoint 2013 App Store

Yep, we got through the red tape, cobbled together the necessary understanding of how the vehicle is meant to work and we have our first app (however small) in the SharePoint 2013 app store.

And by we, I mean Keith actually.  I just funded his time and drove him crazy with my requirements.

Introducing the SharePoint 2013 solution for $10 bucks to the (still) problem of providing a simple home and back button for SharePoint Search Centers and other sites that use the minimal master page. And ours is customizable too!


Sure, you could do it yourself. But as evidenced in probably my most popular blog post on the Microsoft Get the Point blog site, lots of folks don’t know where to start. reference: Home and Back Buttons on a SharePoint 2010 Search Center

See the app here!

Watch this space for more great apps as well as the launch of our own SharePoint store in the not too distant future.

Also, don’t be fooled by the Microsoft pricing at the moment.  It is not $10 per user, but rather $10 for the organization. Seriously, what is your time worth?  Get it today.  Winking smile

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