itgroove 2012

Don’t mind me. Just beaming with a little pride. We have a great team and you should know about them.


itgroove has grown to 9 staff over the last year or so and many customers have not met the whole team. The guys have a really broad range of skills that might surprise you so, without further delay, you should meet the team!

Sean Wallbridge, President, Principal Consultant and SharePoint MVP

Sean definitely leads by example as he is the primary driver behind itgroove’s SharePoint practice as well as our being our Principle Consultant. For those of you that may not be aware, Microsoft bestows the title, “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) on those individuals that have proven to be tireless in their promotion and support of key Microsoft technologies. And it is not just a question of selling Microsoft products; it is the “full meal deal” in that MVP’s support, nurture and grow the acceptance and use of those technologies. MVP’s are recognized by Microsoft and their peer’s as being leaders in the use and understanding of the products they champion. We are very proud of the fact that Sean has been awarded MVP for SharePoint in each of the last four years running and we urge you to take advantage of his (and the SharePoint team’s) SharePoint expertise. Sean is also pretty savvy with all of the rest of the Microsoft infrastructure “stack” and it is his guidance that sets the overall tone for everything we do at itgroove. It almost goes without saying that Sean carries many Microsoft and third-party certifications. Sean’s blog:

Darren Jarvie, General Manager

Every itgroove customer knows Darren as he is the person that manages the itgroove crew as well as stick handles the administrative backend. All customer accounting is managed by Darren and he is your “go to guy” for billing questions and the like. What many of you may not know is that Darren is one of our CMS guys (yup, he is not just an accounting droid) and he has managed the creation of numerous Joomla sites for many of our customers. Darren also works with Robert and Sean on our marketing and sales efforts. And he jumps in on the tech support end of things when we are very busy to help carry the load.


Robert Dick, IT Service Manager/Senior Consultant

Rob brings over 30 years of IT support experience in big and small firms to his role as the Senior Consultant and IT Service Manager with our SMB team. His job is to ensure that all of our Windows infrastructure clients receive the best support possible and he works with the rest of the team members to ensure our service delivery remains stellar. Rob is often called upon to do analysis of IT technology for potential clients and his years of experience count very strongly in the analysis provided. Rob carries Microsoft, VMware and Veeam certifications and he works closely with Sean and Darren on our marketing and sales efforts. Rob is also the guy most responsible for untangling vendor licensing requirements so that customers don’t have to navigate the “licensing minefield”. Robert’s blog:

John Rice, Senior Consultant

John is our newest addition and he brings over 20 years of IT experience to our SMB team. John carries a number of Microsoft certifications and he specializes in Exchange, Windows Server and Active Directory. His skillset rounds out the skills carried by our SMB team and his deep knowledge of Microsoft infrastructure and technologies has already proved invaluable to a number of our clients. John has been a technology trainer in the past (he has a Technology Teacher Education diploma from BCIT) and he also understands the unique needs of small business as he owned his own carpentry manufacturing business in North Vancouver.

Colin Phillips, SharePoint Consultant

Colin joined us almost two years ago and he has been deeply immersed in SharePoint from the day he started. Colin works with our SharePoint clients to help develop solutions to modern business problems using the SharePoint framework, SharePoint tools such as SharePoint Designer and third party technologies such as Nintex Workflow. Colin graduated from UVic’s Computer Science faculty in 2000 and has worked with a number of Canadian tech firms over the past 10 years including IBM/Cognos and his skills are invaluable to our SharePoint clients. Colin carries numerous Microsoft credentials and is also a VMware Certified Professional. Colin works closely with Sean and Keith to deliver outstanding SharePoint solutions to our local, national and international SharePoint clients. Colin’s blog:

Keith Tuomi, SharePoint Consultant

Keith joined us a bit over a year ago after spending a good deal of time working in IT in Saudi and Germany. Keith is our resident “SharePoint programmer” and he is steeped in the ways of .Net and other Microsoft tools. He is adept at ”bending the bits” when the SharePoint or third-party vendor tools won’t do what we need them to do! Keith’s skills serve our SharePoint clients exceedingly well and he is working with Sean on producing SharePoint “plugins” that itgroove can then market to the SharePoint community as a whole. Keith’s blog:


Louis Warren, Technology Consultant

Louis is one of the longest term staff with just over 5 years under his belt at itgroove. Louis supports the SMB client base and holds Microsoft certifications in Small Business Server 2011 and Windows SharePoint Services. Louis and Jeremy form the core of the SMB support team and they handle most of the day-to-day support calls for servers and desktop issues. Louis is well known to most of our clients and his skills with desktop and laptop hardware and software are well appreciated by all. He is also our “Backup Exec” master.

Jeremy Dahl, Technology Consultant

Jeremy has been with itgroove for a bit over a year and he forms the second half of the core SMB support team along with Louis. Jeremy is working on various Microsoft certifications and when he is not busy with SMB support he works with Darren supporting our CMS/Joomla customers including building Joomla sites. Jeremy also performs “backend” support work for the SharePoint team. Jeremy’s blog:

Jarrod Ferguson, Part-Time SharePointer, Full-time UVic Student

Jarrod started with us last spring as a Co-Op student working with our SharePoint team. Once his co-op term ended we kept him gainfully employed (part time) and he continues to work with Colin, Keith and Sean on various SharePoint issues. Jarrod gets to do some deep diving into weird issues that crop up and we often find him staring at weird and wonderful code fragments looking to divine some cosmic (or Microsoft) truth from them. Jarrod’s blog: