Goodbye IE7 and Microsoft really means it … so far

It looks like Microsoft is really putting the pedal down to get folks to stop using IE7 and upgrade. This is a good thing of course.  And now with Office 365 they have some leverage as they can observe and inform the user base (well, the site admins) to get their act together.

The email below was sent out yesterday to a customer on Office 365.

Reminder: SharePoint 2013 will not support IE7 either


Upgrade Internet Explorer before 1 October 2012

Our system reports indicate that one person in your organization used Internet Explorer 7 to access Office 365 between 15 June 2012 and 15 July 2012.

In March 2012, we announced that Office 365 will no longer support Internet Explorer 7 after 1 October 2012. After October, we will be delivering service updates that include new features which require Internet Explorer 8 or higher.

Now is the time to upgrade your browsers