Synching Outlook Tasks with the iPhone and iCloud

I wanted to synchronize my iPhone with my Outlook Tasks (that exist within our Exchange Server at the office).  I noticed a number of APPS in the App Store that had some really poor ratings (crap, abandoned, etc.).

Then looking in the Apple Forums, I noticed a bunch of folks whining about how it didn’t work/couldn’t be done.  However, I’m happy to report that it works fine for me, if you know what you are looking for.

I think in the end, the disconnect for me early on was that the App is called “Reminders”. Not Tasks, not To-Do’s. I don’t think it’s a great app name considering its purpose is primarily about managing tasks (there is already a calendar) but now that I see that, I’ll live and move on Winking smile


  • Outlook (in my case 2010)
  • Exchange Server (2010) though I don’t see why a standalone POP3 setup wouldn’t work
  • iPhone 4s
  • Desktop of some kind (in my case Windows 7)

What You Need

  1. You need the Reminders App in your iPhone (in mine, it was already there, not an app in the app store I had to download).  I don’t recall when I saw this arrive but probably with iOS5 and I’m too lazy to go check Winking smile
  2. The iCloud software (if you don’t want to use iTunes, which would install this for you). No, you don’t need iTunes (I’m not a fan either) –
  3. Tick the box in iCloud to enable synchronizing Calendars & Tasks


Um, Is that it?

Yep. That’s it. At least for me. Did the trick nicely, synchronized quickly.

Learn more about Reminders here:


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