A simple approach to writing a helpful technical blog post

I like to help out where I can. And I’m not going to pretend I invented the following method, though I did borrow it from a course I took about 8 years ago that had nothing to do with blogging or technical writing/sharing.  I actually spent a minute trying to google, er, bing where the source materials originated but instead I came across a bunch of people blogging using the same technique, rather than its origin … and then I got bored. Winking smile

Anyways, when blogging on a technical issue, topic or fix …


While you don’t have to use this format exactly, think about making sure you are addressing the three things someone would care about most when reading your post. Often I even use the What, So What and Now What as headers to quickly spell out the details of a post to get it over with quickly – and it serves the reader well as well.

Always include or consider…

  • What (what is the problem or issue at hand?)
  • So What (why do I care about the problem?)
  • Now What (and what can I or should I do about it?)

There you go. Secrets from a lazy blogger.  Have fun.