Thanks Summer. An outsider looking in

Thanks to our friend Summer.  She summarized a conversation we had a little while back and it was worthy of sharing I think.

Combining mastery in Microsoft technologies and a consistent focus on customer services, itgroove professionals deliver straightforward advice and IT solutions to small and mid-sized businesses since 2006.

Every new client relationship begins with a thorough needs assessment to best identify the most fitting technology solutions that can greatly improve business processes, collaboration and overall efficiency.

Communication is essential in business, between clients and between colleagues. Small and midsize businesses need to keep a competitive edge and formality without incurring exceptional costs in the process. This is where the right technology can make all the difference between fragmented business processes, to the benefits of knowledge sharing, team collaboration without barriers, and everyone being on the same page regardless of whether they work in-house or 1000 miles away.

Microsoft SharePoint experts, itgroove takes the power and dependability of SharePoint to a whole new level by customizing it specifically to each business’s needs, thus opening up a whole new level of business potential; now, even a small to midsize business can access the same powerful tools used by the world’s largest companies.

itgroove’s commitment to client relationships and ongoing support is another value that sets them apart from the rest, each client has a dedicated team working for them and keeping track of details. And itgroove invests in the ongoing skills development of their team so their clients can rest assured they have invested their trust with the right IT partners.