Obscure SharePoint Document Library Errors–SQL log file disk could be full

Ok, ran into a situation today with a customer where we don’t manage the actual Windows Servers and have no control over the file systems, monitoring, etc. In a perfect world, the disk space utilization issue would have been caught by systems monitoring/or the DBA.

The Symptoms

When a user tried to upload documents to a library, edit properties on a document library or make edits in the datasheet view, we got stuff like the below…


Error: There is no file with URL (when editing the properties of a document in a library)


Error: An invalid document or folder name has been specified. Changes to your data cannot be saved.  For this error, you can only discard your changes.

The Problem

While several things could cause the above I’m sure, in our case, the customers SQL Server disk drive that contained the transaction logs was full (<5mb free).  There was a large amount of files added within the day (5GB) and this caused the transaction log database to bloat to 29GB very quickly and a backup wasn’t going to occur until the evening (at which point the logs would have been truncated.

The Solution

I took a backup of the SQL Database, set its recovery type to Simple, shrunk the files and then set recovery back to Full.  Viola!