4 Things to Look for in a SharePoint Consultant

Where do you first look for an outsourced IT/SharePoint provider? That’s a question a lot of business owners and managers don’t know how to answer, and it’s not their fault. After all, if you don’t know a great deal about technology – and why should you, when you have a company to run? – Then how do you go about finding the right team to help with yours?

Too many clients choose an IT consultant based on a logo, an advertisement, or a half-hearted recommendation, when what they really need is someone who can help grow their business. Unfortunately, that’s not something you can always tell just from looking at a picture or having a short conversation.

Because having your business technology work the way it’s supposed to can be an extremely important factor in keeping your company profitable, we’d like to offer a bit of insight that can help you choose the right outsourced IT or SharePoint provider. Here are four things to look for in a consultant:

A willingness to listen, and an understanding of what you want to accomplish as an organization.

Good IT isn’t just about hardware and software; it’s about helping your client use those things to accomplish real-world goals. In order to give you the most value for your money, a good IT provider will learn about what you really want to do before making any recommendations, so that they can help you meet those targets quickly, efficiently, and with the lowest total expense. @itgroove, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen.

Lots of happy clients.

There’s no guarantee that just because lots of other clients are happy with an IT provider that you will be, too, but it sure does increase the odds. At a minimum, lots of satisfied customers show you that your new IT provider is responsive and committed to customer service – something you will definitely appreciate the first time you have a major challenge with your technology. @itgroove, we strive for happy clients and they tell us about it – See the itgroove Testimonials

A bottom-line view of technology.

As we mentioned, it’s not all about having the right equipment, and certainly not the latest and greatest (or most expensive) piece of hardware or software you can find. A good outsourced IT provider won’t always recommend that you buy the newest thing, or the one that costs the most. Instead, they’ll take a look at all the options, consider your situation and budget, and find the solution that’s most appropriate, reliable, and affordable.

What does this all add up to? It’s technical expertise and an understanding of your company’s technology, but it’s also a blend of patience and a practical perspective. In other words, when you are choosing an outsourced IT provider, look beyond equipment certifications and try to choose an IT firm that can help you reach all of your goals, not just keep your computers running.

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