How to enable NTLM authentication for your SharePoint site in Firefox

We all (should) know about adding our SharePoint site to the Local Intranet zone on computers we trust, to ensure ease of login while inside the corporate network. But did you know Firefox can do the same thing? Here’s how…


The Add On Way

There is a Firefox add-on called NTLMAuth for Firefox”. If you search the Add-Ons directory for NTLM you’ll find it.

Step 1: Download and install it (search the extensions for NTLM

Step 2: Use it. Choose Firefox, Options, Integrated Authentication Site and Add your new URL/Suffix




The Manual Way

Step 1: in the address bar of Firefox, type about:config and press Enter


Step 2: Accept the warning 😉

Figure 1 : Warning to accept – isn’t that cute


Step 3: In the filter bar, you can now filter. Filter down (type and press Enter) to network.automatic-ntlm

Step 4: Add your domain to accept all possible prefixes as * in the preference network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris (update, Firefox doesn’t like the asterisk, so put all the valid names in there instead)


That’s it.