InfoPath Forms Question

In case this serves you in the future…

A customer asked the following today…



I am looking to create a new hire IT form on our Moss SharePoint site.  Currently, we have a library on our SharePoint 2003 site for the US. We are trying to push out our new hire computer setup process globally.

I am looking to make the current process easy for the hiring manager where the new hire name and start date is mandatory then all other information is shown/asked based on what their answers are to certain questions.  Is it best to create this in Infopath?


To which I replied…

Based on your requirements:

  1. Mandatory fields (SharePoint List, InfoPath, etc. all will be fine)
  2. Present form fields, based on criteria (InfoPath only really)


I would agree that you want to look at Infopath. Note that InfoPath forms can be:

  • Client Based
    • Pro’s:
      • Fully functional/flexible – can handle all of your needs for presentation
    • Con’s:
      • Anyone that fills it out needs to have InfoPath installed
  • Web Based
    • Pro’s:
      • No software dependency
    • Con’s:
      • Some functionality that works in the client, doesn’t work in the web form
      • Requires Enterprise edition of SharePoint, which includes InfoPath forms services
      • Some tweaking will be required


If you can live without having the form present certain sections, I would just create a custom SharePoint list as you can certainly handle mandatory/required fields in there and it is the most ‘lightweight’ in that it is browser based and doesn’t require all of the InfoPath management.  Perhaps a couple of different ‘content types’ for a custom list and people simply choose a form based on their criteria